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Car Shopping During Covid-19 Pandemic
Car Shopping During Covid-19 Pandemic

Car Shopping During Covid-19 Pandemic

There has been a great shift in our routines, including social distancing, strict hygiene, and self-quarantine and other changes to many peoples way of life in New York City during the Covid Pandemic.  All these have become our normal lives. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses and individuals, both big and small have found things to be extremely difficult. Some people might immediately want to get a car, maybe as a means of avoiding public transit or for any other relevant reasons. It is pleasing to know that a lot of dealers are now assisting buyers by offering them enhanced services. This is exactly what most of our dealers are doing, providing a buy-from-home option to support customers.
This can enable car shoppers to complete their purchase at home and their car would be delivered directly to them. If you want to choose a dealership from our website, check for the buy-from-home badge.
In this article, we will give you tips on how you can do your car shopping process and still maintain social distancing. The following tips apply to both leasing and buying:
Car Shopping in New York During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Online Car Dealer Research
This is the first thing to be done if you want to shop for a car. Even if test drivers can help you know about a vehicle, you should still do your online research so that you can save time while picking your choice. Watch or read car reviews, know the configurations, and compare specs. While doing these, ensure that you take some detailed notes.
Confirm Pricing and Availability
After you have decided on the configuration and model that you like, you can use our platform to confirm whether the car of your choice is physically available. You can also get an offer of the upfront price from the car dealer, including the fees that you will pay to the dealership. You can as well get more details about the availability of the car by calling or emailing the dealership.
Virtual Car Inspection
Normally, it is good to inspect a car in person while a dealer walks you through. But, because of the current health situation, Covid-19, using digital alternatives is the best. With the recent advancement in technology, you can inspect the vehicle right from your home. You can make use of video chat platforms like Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger to conduct the inspection with the car dealer.
Online Credit Applications and Car Loans
To save yourself some time and to maintain the health protocols, you can get pre-approved online. A majority of dealerships allow their customers to apply online for credit or loans. You can as well apply for financing online with your credit union or bank. Inform your dealer as soon as you get approved.
Ask for At Home Car Delivery
During this coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in delivery from groceries to restaurants. Car dealerships are also embracing this practice. Through the buy-from-home option, you can have your vehicle delivered to you together with the whole paperwork that would have been completed in the showroom. Signature Auto Group is proud to offer At Home Car Delivery for our Customers. Contact Us Today!
Consider the Car Dealerships Safety Protocols For Covid
Before you go and meet the dealership, it is advisable to confirm with your salesperson about the steps that the organization or company takes to ensure that their customers are safe. This will help to reduce the risk of Covid-19.
Schedule an Appointment with your Car Dealer
After finalizing everything, including financing and pricing, ask your dealer if it is possible to schedule an appointment with him/her so that you can sign the necessary paperwork and go home with your newly purchased car. This will help you to avoid a crowded place.
Follow these tips while shopping for your next car and stay safe from Covid-19.
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