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Top 5 Electric Cars Coming Out in 2022

Top 5 Electric Cars Coming Out in 2022

It is only a matter of time that other continents of the world follow the word of UK on going all-green on vehicle use and production. Undoubtedly, the future of automotive industry is all electric – as this fact is proven yet again by high end manufacturers getting into EV Production.

Tesla Cybertruck- $69,900

No surprise, Tesla is leading the EV production yet again with its coming-of-the-age take on the EV Industry. Tesla Cybertruck is a cyberpunk EV version offering dent-proof stainless steel cladding along with a flaunting array of bold angles and a peculiar design. According to the CEO, the goal of this unique shape was to create a really tough vehicle that delivered equally amazing performance. The production of this plug-in pickup truck will begin in the Austin factory in 2021. The Cybertruck is said to receive three motors offering a range of up to 500 miles.
Image: https://www.tesla.com/xNVh4yUEc3B9/02_Desktop.jpg

Mustang Mach-E – $43,895

Ford is all set to bring an electric twist to its muscle-car, Mustang. The all-electric Crossover EV will feature a Mustang-first 4-door design along with spacious cabin for storing your gear and groceries. Although this may seem like an odd one out, the goal is to enter the EV Competition and bring the Mustang Mach E within the reach of daily consumers. The extended battery is capable of delivingupto 300 miles of range.
Image: https://www.ford.com/ntzlibs/content/dam/bev/us/november-2020-updates/21_FRD_MCH_GT_M.jpg.renditions.original.png

Nissan Ariya – $40,000

Nissan went into EV production with the launch of its Leaf EV a decade ago. While this geeky version of the EV was able to catch a good market interest upon reaching half a million sales, the auto manufacturer had been constantly working on bringing a bolder and sleeker EV. The Ariya is an outstanding outtake on the conventional EVs as it comes with a more stylish, eco-friendly transmission. From its 5-passenger crossover trim to its aggressive contours, concave surfaces and wheels pushed into the corners, the car is an emblem of swoopy performance. The lounge-like minimal cabin has a flat floor, adding to the driver’s convenience. Speaking of numbers, the Ariya EV is claimed to reach 300 miles.
Image: https://www.nissanusa.com/content/dam/Nissan/global/Ariya/Feaures_Component/21_w020a_d.jpg.ximg.l_8_m.smart.jpg

Volvo XC40 Recharge – $50,000

The conventional gas powered Volvo XC40 will be getting an electric makeover and coming up as a more refined, all-electric, and sleeker version of the polished XC40. The Swedish manufacturer is all set to go green with XC40 Recharge that packs a smart interior, spacious cabin, compact vehicle design and a powerful 78 kWh battery capable of generating a 408 Hp and offering up to 200 miles of range.


Hummer has taken a surprising turn this year by switching to practical grade vehicle production. Ever since 2010, the company has only been manufacturing military-grade, SUVs with poor fuel economy. This year, Hummer has taken a giant leap with the initiation of the GMC EV SUT Project. This all electric, fully-powerful and highly-capable pair of an SUV and an electric truck will be giving a tough competition to the competitors. Customers can choose to get up to a set of 3 powerful motors which can generate up to 1,000 Horsepower and offer a range of up to 400 miles. From quick charging and stunning off-road capabilities to well-equipped interior and removable roof panels on the exterior, the GMC Package is not to be missed!
All these and more are available to e auto lease in the coming year and 2022!

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