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Everyday Things That Could Damage Your Vehicle

Everyday Things That Could Damage Your Vehicle

Did you just get a new vehicle through e auto leasing it? Well if you did, you should read this article! The minute you take your vehicle out of the garage or the vehicle cover, you are surrounded with vehicle dangers. From the harmful UV rays coming from extremely hot temperature to gas station squeegees and fuel stains, countless everyday things contribute towards putting your vehicle’s safety into jeopardy. While most of the car owners tend to focus on avoiding bigger issues like accidents, poor services and bad cleaning practices that jeopardize your vehicle’s structural integrity, most of the car owners totally forget about the big and small everyday things that are bound to damage your car’s aesthetics, looks and exterior structure.
Here is a list of things that you must avoid for your vehicle:

Tree Sap and Leaves

When tree sap or leaves fall on your car, the moist sap can be etched into the car’s clear coat leading to dulled finish, discoloration and staining. Avoid parking your vehicle directly under the tree to prevent this problem.

Road Salt, Rain and Snow

Although the use of road salt is imperative for the deicing process during snowy weather, the reality is that the road salt mixes with the melted snow and creates optimal conditions to form rust on your car’s exterior layer. Your vehicle’s bottom may be sturdy enough to bear the road salt rusting, snow and rain damages but your car’s top most protective layer and paint are not durable enough to prevent the road salt and rain water damages.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are another commonplace evil for your vehicle. When bird poop falls on your car, it not only leaves a nasty stain but also the ammonia and nitrogen content in the bird droppings can lead to discoloration of your vehicle’s finish. The reason is that your car’s paint lacquer warms up under heat exposure during the day followed by cooling down and contracting at the night. The contraction leads to formation of a mold around the paint lacquer that damages the reflective properties of the car’s paintwork. To avoid this problem, you can either place your car in a garage or immediately clean the bird poop after it drops on your car. Bird dropping in Brooklyn are especially a big problem for cars.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are just as much as a bad idea as using tree branches to clean your vehicle! Although it may look like an extreme correlation, the reason behind this analogy is that the paper towels are made of dried out wood fiber. The wood fiber acts just like a sandpaper when you rub the paper towel on your car. Resultantly, your car’s finish is compromised. Signature Auto Group recommends only using proper fiber towels on your vehicle. Your newly leased car should be treated properly!

Low Grade Sponges

Sponges tend to grab and retain small dust particles which scratch against your car’s surface while you attempt to rub the sponge to clean your car. Moreover, this action leads to grinding dust and dirt into your car’s paint. Avoid the use of sponges as they never truly get clean!

Car Washes

Aren’t car washes good for vehicles? News flash! They come with their cons. The no-touch and soft-touch car washes, both use sponges, strips and rollers to clean your vehicle. The process scratches your car’s protective coating and paint work leading to a dulled finish. Signature Auto Group has a large network in NYC and we can recommend where to go! This can even dent your car! Signature Auto Groups repair network can sort this out!


Dirt, dust, mud and grit may look easy to clean and harmless. But the reality is that the dust particles are the most abrasive in the nature. Always rinse your car with as much water as possible to clean the dirt rather than using the wiping method.

Gas station Squeegees

It is highly unrecommended to use gas station squeegees to clean the top, hood and panels of your car. Gas Station squeegees have abrasive dirt and dust particles which dull the finish of your car and cause stains on the paint. Use the squeegees only to clean bug splatters and mud from the windshield and windows.

Extreme Heat

UV Rays from direct and extreme sunlight will damage your vehicle’s bodywork, rims, wheels and other parts of the trim faster than you can imagine. The UV rays melt the rubber components, crack the paint surface and also cause upholstery color fading. Always park your car in shade or in a garage. You can also use a wax or a sealant.


Tar not only looks bad on your car paint but also becomes difficult to remove once it has hardened. If you see any tar splatter on your car, immediately deal with it to avoid further damages. Tar is especially in issue in the ever growing city of NY. Because of this, Signature Auto Group recommends you watch out!

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